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Abap , domain değerlerini almak. 0

Abap , domain değerlerini almak.

data: idd07v type table of  dd07v with header line. call function ‘DD_DOMVALUES_GET’      exporting           domname        = ‘RFBSK’   “<– Domain Adı Buraya           text           = ‘X’           langu          = sy-langu      tables           dd07v_tab     ...

Abap , domain değerini almak 0

Abap , domain değerini almak

*&amp;——————————————————————–* *&amp; Report ZTEST_GETDOMVAL *&amp;——————————————————————–* *This report is used to fetch the fixed values associated with domain *&amp;——————————————————————–* REPORT  ztest_yh1148. DATA:   fs_taba TYPE dd07v. DATA: it_taba TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF dd07v, it_tabb TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF dd07v. CALL FUNCTION ‘DD_DOMA_GET’   EXPORTING     domain_name   = ‘XFELD’     langu         = sy-langu     withtext      = ‘X’   TABLES     dd07v_tab_a   = it_taba     dd07v_tab_n   = it_tabb   EXCEPTIONS     illegal_value = 1...